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Cat Breeder in Pune

Any responsible breeding program will require complete medical check-ups for all breeding pairs. These check-ups include blood tests, x-rays, and tests for sexually transmitted diseases. All cats involved in the breeding program should have a well documented medical history, and preferably the medical history of their parents and siblings. The breeding program should also pay particular attention to the cat’s genetic background as well.

Programs which breed cats responsibly will not compromise a cat’s health for breeding purposes. Female cats should not be bred before they are 2 years of age, and they should only be bred every other year. Many legitimate breeding programs put a cap on the number of litters that a queen can produce, and they require medical check-ups for the queen before each and every litter.

Cat Breedings done like :

  • Persian
  • Doll Face
  • Punch Face
  • Extreme Punch Face
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